ABSA Internet Banking

The Inside Story of ABSA Internet Banking

ABSA Internet Banking is a service offered by ABSA (Amalgamated Banks of South Africa) Group Limited, which is a South Africa corporation that handles financial services for individuals, businesses, and large corporations.

ABSA Internet Banking

ABSA Internet Banking

They not only offer ABSA Internet Banking services, but they also offer a full range of banking services at physical locations, besides electronic channels. All kinds of basic banking products and services are available for low-income individuals all the way through the more complicated commercial products and services that are available for those that need creative wealth management and corporate banking arrangements.

The company headquarters is located in Johannesburg, South Africa, and ABSA is one of the largest financial services companies in South Africa, but they also have holdings in Mozambique and Tanzania. Since the formation of ABSA in 1991, which was the result of merging several bank holding companies, the company has continued to grow, is traded on the JSE as a public shares company and is a subsidiary of the global financial services provider, Barclays Bank PLC, since 2005.

Barclays is a worldwide leader in retail and commercial banking, credit cards, investment banking, wealth management and investment management services. With Barclays' presence in Europe, the USA, Africa and Asia, ABSA Group Limited has grown to a company that has almost 9,000 automated teller machines and over 36,000 permanent employees, besides offering the ABSA Internet Banking options, which have become so popular in today's global economy and electronic banking world.

The core values of the business strategy are part of what has made them a leader in the Internet banking industry, as well. ABSA has values that include delivering market leadership to enhance the competitive edge of ABSA, diversify their earnings mix, reduce risk and improve their operational efficiency, including the benefits of the most efficient services of ABSA Internet Banking. These values are meant to deliver earnings growth for investors, give customers a better choice of financial services and improve their financial education while providing highly capable employees that are motivated and committed to excellence.

While ABSA has been voted the number one banking brand in South African banking for three years in a row, they strive to offer more services that provide convenience and sound financial management for their customers. ABSA Internet Banking is just one of the ways they hope to accomplish this part of their customer-focused goals, but they also want to become a contemporary brand that is superior to competitors that have been in the market and even superior to the company that ABSA has been in the past.

In order to help achieve these goals, ABSA Internet Banking is a way that customers can manage their finances anytime, 365 days a year, by registering for online banking. While you can view account balances and activities when you register online, you will still need to activate the account at a branch to transact business online. Once you have done this, there are all kinds of ways that ABSA Internet Banking can offer convenience, including purchasing prepaid airtime from a number of providers, setting reminder notices for your bills and giving you access to balances and statements on your accounts. Of course, there are other handy features offered by ABSA Internet Banking, like beneficiary payments that can be made automatically on a regular basis, stop payments on checks or debits and you can even pay traffic fines as just some of the diverse services that ABSA Internet Banking can offer.

Another added feature to ABSA Internet Banking is managing the Unit Trust investing instruments, which gives you the ability to pool your money with other investors in a total portfolio of assets. Through Unit Trust Investments, you can participate in a variety of equities, bonds, money market instruments and offshore assets with the professional management of a full-time portfolio manager. These are medium to long-term investments that are for the savvy investors that want to beat inflation and get results.

The benefits of using your ABSA Internet Banking options to manage the Unit Trust are that you can enjoy portfolios that are spread over a wide range of investments and offer no minimum investment period, (they can be repaid in 48 hours without penalties). You can take advantage of these professionally managed investments through your ABSA Internet Banking account, which allows you to open, buy, sell or switch unit trusts online.

The Unit Trust feature of the ABSA Internet Banking website offers flexible investment options because you can invest a lump sum or make regular investments and you get value for your money because the fees are more competitive on the investor pooled investments than a small investor would pay on their own. You can easily calculate your portfolio value by taking the number of the units you own and multiplying it by the NAV price of your fund, which is published daily on the ABSA Internet Banking site, known as MyABSA.

ABSA Group Limited and Barclays offer a variety of other investment vehicles and portfolio management services, including trading shares on the JSE, buying properties offshore and other sound financial management instruments. Because they have become a global leader in the financial and banking services industry, the flexibility of ABSA Internet Banking allows you to manage your finances and banking, no matter where your travels take you.

As the company continues to grow and the global banking market becomes more accessible by the Internet, the flexibility of the innovative ABSA Internet Banking website, MyABSA, is expected to become a household Internet banking website known throughout the world. Of course, that is what many shareholders in ABSA are hoping for and with 12 million customers, the banking, and financial services company is growing and expanding their products and services to meet growing market demand.

ABSA Group Limited offers a variety of checking, savings, credit card, loan, insurance, investment and electronic banking services and products. ABSA Internet Banking is just part of the wide range of banking options for personal and commercial customers. According to insiders, being a leader in the banking and financial services market requires the most competitive electronic banking options, and ABSA Internet Banking is just the beginning for this brand leader.

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